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Employers across America use our diversity and inclusion courses to foster respectful workplaces where all employees feel safe and valued.

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Simple, easy to use Learning Management System

Our learning management system (LMS) is entirely Web-based, giving you all the flexibility and convenience the Web has to offer. This means no software to install or setup - you simply access your online Campus through a Web browser on any computer with an Internet connection, offering you, your employees, members, or the public a hassle-free experience for the training they need.

  • Spend more time learning the material and less time learning the system
  • Online training, testing, and certification
  • Keep your records secure

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Why Choose ADI?

Online Learning is a smarter way of managing education and compliance regulations. An easy to use, affordable and instantly deployable Learning Managing System reduces admin and puts compliance and outcomes at the forefront. Students can readily access their own training courses 24/7 from inside or outside of work and their records are portable. You will get to know what your people are really learning and improve learner engagement.


Our online courses are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that content is accurate and the learning experience is user-friendly, engaging, and practical.

Employer Accounts

Employer accounts make it easy to order and distribute training, track individual and group progress, and manage training records


True self-paced learning enables participants to learn the material at the rate best for them. Users can leave the course at any time and will be returned where they left off next time they in.